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About us

After graduating from the New York Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and working in different roles in fine-dining kitchens in New York, Tel-Aviv & London, Nati wished to pursue her dream to create her own special place, where food is fresh, unpretentious, and yet delicious, served in an industrial yet cosy setting.

In 2013, Nati&her partner Alex, a former business consultant, had finally established EZ & Moss, on Holloway road, one of the least expected places for a vegetarian establishment, among the variety of fish & chips and Kebab shops, and chose to name it as a tribute to their fathers.

EZ & Moss is based on Alex &Nati’s love of food, excellent coffee, passion for creating a unique place with a pleasant and welcoming ambience,  which will reflect their compassion and sustainability values.

“We believe quality and tasty food should not be overly complicated and should be made fresh and with love.

Our food and cakes celebrate the best seasonal vegetarian and plant-based products from local suppliers, freshly prepared in our open-planned kitchen. Since the very beginning, our goal had been to create a local neighbourhood café offering a warm and personal experience”.


Our Values

Our café menu is in line with our vegetarian lifestyle. Our reasons for being vegetarians are three-fold: minimising animal cruelty, reducing the impact on the environment, creating healthy and delicious food. It’s a win-win-win.

Our menu is vegetarian and vegan, while we continuously strive to increase our vegan options. We aspire to bring non-veggie people closer to consuming fewer animal products by proving how tasty and wholesome vegetarian and vegan food can be.

Our ​Sustainability Efforts

In our business operation, we always claim responsibility and aim to minimise our impact on the environment. Our café was built almost entirely from reused and upcycled materials. We were among the first to use recycled scaffolding boards as part of our decoration. Wood from the shop’s old ceiling was reutilised for different uses across the shop. Former dairy cheese drying boards and old school chairs are part of our decoration and furniture.


·         Our Meat-free menu helps reduce the carbon footprint.

·         Takeaway packagings are entirely compostable, biodegradable & recyclable.

·         Bread is delivered to us by bike.

·         Our milk suppliers are Brades farm, a small family-owned business in Lancaster, operating a ‘Freedom to choose’                     policy where cows are free to choose whether to roam and graze freely or stay in their shelter.

·         We only use free-range eggs.

·         Our suppliers are requested to deliver their goods in reusable containers rather than cardboard boxes to avoid waste.

·         Bio-Bean recycles our coffee grounds into biofuels or coffee logs.

·         Our coffee machine water-filter is a reusable one.

·         Takeaway cups are used only for takeaway customers to reduce waste.

·         Customers are incentivised to use their reusable cups by a small discount (not applicable nowadays with Covid-19).

·         Our cleaning products typically arrive in larger containers and are not tested on animals.


We are always happy to hear your thoughts, and we welcome any useful suggestions or comments you might have to improve our operation.

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